Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New XFRX version (12.2) was released today

The new version fixes some regressions of the XFRX previewer redesign in 12.0 plus several other issues in PDF and other output formats.

The Export and Print dialogs in the XFRX previewer were redesigned, with the following new features: printing multiple copies, printing/exporting even/odd/all pages, scaling multiple pages into a single sheet and seting a DPI for generated images.

Ver. 12.0 Release notes | Evaluation version download | Documentation

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

English session at Prague

It has been confirmed that there will be two XFRX session at the Prague DevCon. The Czech session will be held on Monday, the English one on Tuesday.
See you there!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

XFRX session at the Prague DevCon

Should you be interested in seing XFRX in action, you are very welcome to my session about XFRX at the Prague Devcon, which is held on 11 and 12 September, 2006.
It hasn't yet been finalized if there will be one XFRX session (in Czech) or also a second one in English. I will update this post as soon as I know more details.

New XFRX version is out (12.0)

The final release has just been released. I would like to thank to everyone who participated in the beta versions evaluation. The feedback was very valuable for us.

The new version contains 3 new output types (various flavours of OpenOffice), unicode support in PDF (so Chinese, Korean and Japanese character sets, as well as multiple code pages within one document are now supported).

Another significant change is the completely reworked previewer. I have finally abandoned the idea of using foxpro native visual objects to render the page (although it actually seemed to be a good idea when I was beginning the works on the previewer :) ) - it was just too slow (the biggest complaint about the previewer) and the layout wasn't 100% accurate due to differences between GDI and GDI+.

So, the previewer is now using GDI+ to render the page. It is much faster (moving from one page to another should be about 50 times faster now), the layout is exactly the same as the printed output and it also supports unicode and rotation (even in VFP 6).

The biggest complication here for me was to prevent my dlls calls and the native VFP routines from fighting on who's going to be refresing the form, result of which was often various flickering, slow or incomplete refreshing, etc., which was also the main reason of the two beta versions prior the final release. I hope you will like the result :).

The 2nd biggest complaint about the previewer was the slowness of the searching feature - it was somewhat unusable for documents with 100+ pages.
The speed has been improved significantly, and also the design has changed a bit. The whole document is now searched and the results are displayed in the side bar on the left (where bookmarks are normally displayed). You can click on the individual search result entries to navigate to the corresponding places in the document.

Ver. 12.0 Release notes | Download | Documentation

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New version of XFRX has been released (version 11.3)

The new version of XFRX comes with a redesigned report previewer supporting tabbed interface, drill-down and exporting features. The new version also includes: "fake" toolbar option, previewer extension handler, Hebrew support in PDF, autimatic reduction of images DPI and more.

Ver. 11.3 Release notes | Download | Documentation

New version of XFRX exports to OpenOffice (version 11.2)

OpenOffice is using the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications, which is also supported by a variety of other office applications including StarOffice, KOffice, and IBM Workplace. XFRX generates the file format natively, so OpenOffice doesn’t have to be installed on the computer where the document is generated.
More information about OpenOffice can be found at http://www.openoffice.org.

Ver. 11.2 Release notes | Download | Documentation