Sunday, December 21, 2008

New XFRX version - 12.7

A new XFRX version has been released this weekend. Finally I was able to get rid of the fatal error that was occuring intermitently on some Vista machines (while it was working on others). Misteriously enough, the problem turned out to be a memory leak in one of my c++ routines :">.

New features and bug fixes:
  • Trim mode is option now supported in all VFP versions
  • Shape fill pattern is now correctly rendered in picture and print output
  • Intermittent crashing on Windows Vista with specific printers has been fixed
  • The printed output was occasionally shifted for specific printers
  • Open office output layout issues have been fixed
  • Page-range filtering didn't work for merged reports
XFRX previewer:
  • Double-click on a custom hyperlink executed the linked event twice
  • Bookmark panel size wasn't setup correctly during drilldown
  • The previewer form didn't work correctly inside top-level forms
  • Occasional screen flickering during drilldown
  • Print options do not show if no printers are installed
  • Middle click now closes the active tab