Monday, November 23, 2009

Subscription period extention

Version 12.8 took us longer than usual to roll out. As an apology and a thank you for your patience we have extended all existing and recently expired new version subscriptions by 4 months. Thank you all for using XFRX!

New XFRX version - 12.8

This is a bug-fix release with a new previewer feature: the ability to specify the default look of the previewer screen with zoom, pages per sheet, starting page and the default output file name.

New features
  • XFRX previewer - file selection button ([...]) has been added to the export options form
  • XFRX previewer - new properties for default values for zoom, pages-per-sheet, default output name and a starting page:
    A new object-type property has been added to the XFCont, cntXFRXMultipage and frmMPPreviewer classes: oDisplayDefaults. It has the following properties:
    • StartingPage (integer) - the 1st page to show in the previewer. Default value is 1.
    • DefaultOutputFileName (string) - the default output file name when exporting from the previewer
    • PagesPerSheet (string) - encoded pages per sheet layout value. Default value: 1x1. Allowed values: 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 4x2.
    • ZoomFactor (integer) - the zoom factor. default value = 100. -1 = fit to width, -2 = fit page. The zoom factor will be used only of PagesPerSheet is 1x1, otherwise it defaults to -2.

    loPreview = CREATEOBJECT("frmMPPreviewer")
    loPreview.oDisplayDefaults.StartingPage = 2 
    loPreview.oDisplayDefaults.DefaultOutputFileName = "invoice15_09"
    loPreview.oDisplayDefaults.ZoomFactor = -1 
    loPreview.oDisplayDefaults.PagesPerSheet = "1x1" loPreview.PreviewXFF(loXFF)     

Bugs fixed
  • Dynamic properties in VFP 9.0 - dynamic textbox background is now displayed correctly
  • Word output - the page margins are updated so that wide reports fit into the paper size
  • PDF output - word wrapping algorithm didn't intermittently work properly with dashes and some other characters that allow for wrapping to a new line
  • PDF output - fonts with no code page are now properly handled if a code page is specified
  • PDF output - left and center alignment calculation shift in GDI+ mode has been fixed
  • Word output - the temporary XML copy of the word document could have been left undeleted with certain Word versions
  • Previewer - XFRX previewer now works properly in top-level forms
  • "@Z$" format string is now handled properly
  • Printing - the printer paper size is now automatically pre-selected with the report paper size
  • 'X_TRIM missing' error is fixed
  • Excel output in VFP 9.0/SP2 now properly exports numeric values and numeric formats - if you need the numeric values, set the CallEvaluateContents property of the xfrxlistener to 2.
    More details: the actual bug was caused by the new Listener properties introduced in SP2: CallAdjustObjectSize, CallEvaluateContents. When the default parent report listener is used (fxlistener at FFC), it checks for the report dynamics and if there are not any, it sets these two properties to 1 and thus disables the EvaluateContents calls. However, when EvaluateContents is not called, XFRX won't know about the actual numeric value and the output will be exported as a text.